East Cellars provides long term solutions for small and medium sized wineries. We offer innovative and dynamic business solutions based on our solid expertise and long term vision. We will be continuously extending our our portfolio to meet your most exigent demand from fermentation to bottling. Your wine is our primary concern.
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Barrels have a wide range of roles in winemaking. Among others, they will stabilize wine colour, soften harsh tannins and add vanilla aromas to your wine. We will help you to choose the right shape, size, toast or seasoning for your wine.


Founded by Henri Baron in 1875, Tonnellerie Baron is situated near the town of Saintes in the Charente-Maritime department, on the original site of its founding, still maintaining the historic craft of coopering in its purest traditional methods. Located in the heart of the celebrated vineyards of Cognac, the artisanal workshop works in service to the most prestigious global vineyard properties.


Located in Castell’Alfero d‘Asti, the heart of Monferrato, the Gamba family has handed down the ancient art of the master cooper from father to son for seven generations. As early as the 1800’s, oval and round casks, along with barrels and vats were being built in the skillful craftsmen’s workshop for Italy and its neighboring countries.


European Coopers Ltd. was founded in 1997 by a Hungarian Master Cooper Mr. Kristóf Flódung, together with several famous Italian families of the wine and barrel industry: the Antinori, the Gamba and the Mazzei families. Flódung’s vast experience began in Hungary in a barrel factory and later in Germany at the Rieger Cooperage.


In 2001, engineer and vineyard owner Tony Flecknoe-Brown devised, developed and later patented the application of oxygen permeable polymers for use in the winemaking industry using ultra-clean, food-grade polyethylene to construct specially-designed, oxygen permeable maturation vessels. Moving from initial trials to rapid commercial adoption, Flexcube was born.


Thanks to OXOline® racks which allow barrels to be rotated and handled separately, Tonnellerie Baron has developed «Vinification intégrale®»complete vinification. This technique allows the harvested grapes to be properly placed in the barrels and all the classic vinification operations can be carried out without the expense of sending barrels out for modification, or bringing coopers in to perform specialized services.


As for high quality stainless steel containers Speidel is first choice because we never compromise when it comes to material and workmanship. If not long before, this is something that you will appreciate when it comes to the cleaning of the container.

Surfaces as smooth as glass, joint-less weld seams and complete filling and draining make sure that there are no “dead corners” inside the container which might compromise the content. This way, the fruits of your labour are always kept well!


Through the pores of the ceramics wine will breathe naturally. Unlike oak, ceramics will not provide your wine with the aromas of oak. It can be used for skin contact for white wines and fermentation or aging for reds.


Amphorae and stoneware have been used in winemaking from ancient times.
These close-to-nature and handmade recipients are waterproof but not airproof. Their porosity vary between 0.2 up to 4%. They wine breath naturally and age pleasantly in these containers. We offer them in three colours: sand, brick and black. Size ranges from 52 l to 375l.


Different closures have been developed to protect wine aromas, avoid leakage and let in just enough oxygen transmission to aid your wine in the aging process. We offer you premium screwcap, innovative ArdeaSeal stoppers and natural cork as well.


The Antonio Almeida Cortiças, S.A. (AAC) is a family owed company founded in 1969.

Since the beginning AAC has been among the most important producers and exporters of cork stoppers in the world.

From the early days they focused on the international market and today 90-95% of their sales is for export.


STELVIN® is a closure system specially designed for wine, combining an aluminion closure, a specific BVS bottle neck finish and a range of specific liners and closure conditions.


A warranty for excellence
The idea of a new seal concept, a stopper for traditional glass bottled wine, came along in 1999 from a division of the Guala Group.
ArdeaSeal is the result of an accurate project, an in-depth study of materials, avant-garde manufacturing process and testing procedures.
A seal made up of different components produced with highly technological synthetic materials.

KORKED™ synthetic stoppers

KORKED™ synthetic stoppers with controlled permeability membrane, can be realize in one of 8 color available on which is possible to print a logo, a writing or an image in black, white or silver ink.


29 mm crown cork bottle caps for the sparkling wine industry with different lining materials, in standard Pantone PMS colours, with neutral one colour printing, multicolour printing or customer designed printing using the offset printing method. We also make crown caps with inside printing.

Our crown caps are made of tinplate, electrolytically lined with tin, or TFS steel , chromium plated sheet metal, according to DIN 6099.

A range of crown caps are available in standard stock colours.


Enological products have been developed in the last decades to aid winemakers through all the phases of winemaking. Our portfolio comprises yeasts, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, clarifying agents and many others to guarantee a clean and faultless wine. We provide you with professional advice in which product to apply at which phase of winemaking.


ENOLIFE is a leader company in production and commercialization of products and equipments related to wine, with solutions tailored to each client.
To reach this aim, in addition to the continuous improvement of the professional competences of its staff, top quality is provided in offered services, including several of integrated packages related to the whole productive process.


Grand Chene® : Thin Tank Staves, Oenological Dominoes, Chips, Re-oak® Barrel Insert

Exclusive stave provider for Tonnellerie Baron, Grande Chene ® sources from the fi nest oak forests in France. With powerful and unique modern tools, benefi tting from our expertise of more than a century in the selection of the fi nest woods, and enjoying the mild Charente climate ideal for natural drying, Grand Chene ® has all of the requisite conditions necessary to obtain fi rst quality staves.


“Oak and wine harmony remains the most fascinating subject of winemaking. The oak barrel, an object created about two thousand years ago, is finally understood and re-imagined. We live in a great moment; modern oenology has leapt to a further quality level thanks to Flexcube and BarriQ. Take the best of the past, revive it with oenological controlled functionalities, environmental respect and dramatically improved costs and you have it all.”


We started to build up a portfolio that will ease your job in the winery. Small gadgets are often indispensable in the storage or stocking of your bottles or barrels. And they look cool as well!


OXOline facilitates the management of your barrels, increases your storage capacity and improves quality. The choice of high quality proven materials and very strict quality control make OXOline® the market reference in France and internationally.


ITALFIL was founded in 1983 and over the years has become a market’s reference and leader for the production of collapsible and stackable steel wire containers for storage, transport & logistics, industrial goods handling, oenological sector, retailers and commercial products displaying.


This bung is the result of two years of research and development. Many trials have been undertaken to achieve maximum client satisfaction. The materials which contact the wine have been the object of several laboratory tests to obtain absolute hygeine. The results of the tests are avaible by request.


About us

Sc East Cellars Exim Srl provides long term solutions for small and medium sized wineries. We offer innovative and dynamic business solutions based on our solid expertise and long term vision.

We will be continuously extending our our portfolio to meet your most exigent demand from fermentation to bottling. Your wine is our primary concern.

Gellert Sandor 64, BL. 2, Ap.18 440189, Satu Mare, Romania

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